Speakeasy Cellar

Clarinets, pianos, and gut-string guitars waft through smokey cellars, evoking a forgotten era. Grounded in swing jazz, the dexterous melodies and percussion featured here thread the needle between constraint and debauchery.

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Trust Disquiet Intimate

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Jazz Latin Blues
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Jig Money (Original)
Number of recording variations
Cigarettes, wine and dancing shoes
220 01:50
Ode To Her (Original)
Number of recording variations
Ragtime on the river
242 01:36
Clarendon (Full)
Number of recording variations
Unpredictable Latin Jazz
104 00:34
the title says it all
66 04:33
Feel-good Latin-inspired rhythm
168 00:44
sip your drink close your eyes and sway
98 01:09
Swinging scat and acoustic guitar
199 03:08
Lojack Stala (Acoustic Ensemble Party)
Number of recording variations
are you drunk? me too let's party
145 02:17
Jazz piano trio with a light touch
194 03:06
Downtempo jazz with 1930s feel
110 02:46
Bebop Banger
160 01:41
Last Call (After Hours Mix)
Number of recording variations
Piano ballad for the end of the night
75 03:22
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