Up to Eleven

Dive headfirst into a sonic storm of overdrive-laden guitars and thunderous beats. Raw emotion rings out as this collection weaves through a variety of rock subgenres and other influences that are further afield.

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Aggressive Powerful Wonder

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Omni Zeus (Hero)
Number of recording variations
You've never heard harpsichord like this
178 03:31
Pain is just a state of mind
190 00:21
It Was Flat All Along (Surf Demon Vox)
Number of recording variations
Surf Rock for Climate Change
110 00:52
A solid iron-pumping jam
115 00:26
It's about to go down
124 00:44
Slow and steady to keep you motivated
80 02:22
A no nonsense guitar ripper
150 00:26
Metal rock echoes from the depth of hell
128 00:50
Thunderous rock raining from the heavens
85 01:39
A heavy metal fire-induced banger
180 00:48
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