Indieflik Whimsiness

Not all scenes need epic orchestral scores. Often a subtle, lighthearted touch does the trick. Step into a world of organic and analog sounds where less is more when depicting everyday misadventures.

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Intimate Pensive Brooding

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Modern Composer Advertising Orchestral
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Skönheten (Två)
Number of recording variations
Touching piano composition
146 01:02
Royal Rush (60s)
Number of recording variations
Quirky, bright classical
80 00:59
Joyful classical-styled music
154 00:32
Playful, dreamy, uplifting blend
76 01:30
Piano for reflection, nostalgia
69 01:41
On Being (Full)
Number of recording variations
Dreamy classical romance
120 01:10
Powerful synthesizers and drums
122 01:00
Motivational track blending genres
102 01:03
Simarik (Vocals)
Number of recording variations
Whimsical, spirited orchestral blend
75 00:54
Twenty Four Marionettes (Cut Down)
Number of recording variations
Quirky, spooky classical
140 00:39
Contemporary classical fusion
54 01:30
Halves (Original)
Number of recording variations
Optimistic, joyful pop-classical
63 01:16
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