Curricula Cinematica

Rich waves of harmony and melody express our deepest feelings. Dramatic orchestras featuring strings, piano, woodwinds, percussion and brass pull at the heartstrings, while lighter tracks emote fine taste and human warmth.

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Sad Intrigue Intimate

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Orchestral Modern Composer Atmospheric
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Time Remains (Saolré)
Number of recording variations
Rebirth, tremelo strings and winds
60 01:00
Minimal piano, cello, ethereal vocals
60 03:00
Vocal chorale opens doors to the future
120 02:05
Angular, flute ensemble prog classical
170 00:45
Plodding cycles slowly burn upwards
120 02:31
Tense impact, modal texture building
123 01:53
Bag Em & Tag Em (Minimal Mix)
Number of recording variations
Heroic harmonies with acoustic ensemble
100 01:47
Lacrimosa for the next generation
90 02:29
Good ol' Mouse fell in love again
168 01:48
Fantastical insect philosophy
70 01:54
Piano, cello play hope and wonder
75 02:32
Cello, voice, the unbearable weight
120 02:36
Choir performs futuristic ritual mass
80 02:39
Whispers Of Hope (Original)
Number of recording variations
Sometimes you have to start over
63 01:35
Ambient strings swell and evolve
70 01:44
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