Analogue Onda

Vintage synthesizers emit waves of bold color, while acoustic drums and analog percussion relentlessly drive us forward. Minimalist moments coalesce into expansive harmonic journeys, weaving a sonic tapestry that traverses the expanse of the cosmos.

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Intimate Excited Wonder

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Electronic Rock Atmospheric
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Colortopia (Console Mix)
Number of recording variations
Analog Journey fuels epic optimism
136 02:09
Vectors And Spectra (Color Version)
Number of recording variations
Energetic track uplifts and inspires
150 02:18
Dapp (Extended Mix)
Number of recording variations
Electro-pop seduction
112 01:02
Seductive electronic: Mind Lava
140 00:49
Ablebodies (Extended Analog Mix)
Number of recording variations
Astral analog synth journey
80 03:20
Rectangular (Extended Mix)
Number of recording variations
Synth-fueled, retro game groove
155 02:02
Electronic hip-hop journey
84 02:10
Confident rock with atmospheric sound
140 02:10
Otherworldly, hypnotic electronic sound
70 00:37
Cosmic grooves in retro space
152 04:03
Gradients of Matter (No Vocals)
Number of recording variations
Optimistic, futuristic electronic track
120 01:09
Electronica reflects on victories
112 01:13
Turning (Analog)
Number of recording variations
Powerful, uplifting electronic track
136 00:40
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