Boom Goes The 808

From infectious beats to clever wordplay, this collection blends elements of trap, R&B, and even experimental sounds, reflecting the current pulse of Hip Hop. While Hip Hop has a rich legacy with a vast range of feels and techniques, this collection specifically captures the essence of modern music that you might hear on contemporary rap radio.

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Aggressive Serious Brooding

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Hip-Hop/Rap Electronic R&B/Soul/Funk
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Chieftain (Original)
Number of recording variations
Unapologetic rap anthem
136 01:11
Grimacing beat for your inner beast
142 01:14
Beethoven meets textured hip-hop majesty
102 02:30
After-midnight hypnotic groove
81 01:05
The ghost in my drum machine
140 01:00
Laid-back vibes for sleeping in
85 01:02
Lo-fi daydreams on synth clouds
150 01:08
Hypnotic journey through a lo-fi haze
110 02:07
Deep beats to ignite the streets
150 01:05
Determined beat meets distorted lead
80 00:51
Dirty Sturdy (Original)
Number of recording variations
Cinematic operatic hip-hop groove
166 01:03
Get ready to breath heavy
166 01:09
Chilled nostalgic beats
97 01:58
Trying Time (Original)
Number of recording variations
Late-night introspective chill-hop
90 01:06
Reflections (Vocals)
Number of recording variations
Brass-infused hip-hop snthem
140 01:53
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