Suspended Moments

Embrace the slow movement of mood, though evocative ambient compositions. Atmospheric textures of acoustic, analog and processed instruments provide a rich musical background that is felt, more than heard. Introspective and subtly powerful, this collection exhibits profound emotion.

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Intrigue Intimate Introspective

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Atmospheric Electronic Modern Composer
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Ambient Tape Loops for Jesus
120 02:22
A hopeful future
128 01:35
Boy meets girl, girl meets anime
140 01:08
Explore, but don't forget to breathe
141 05:38
Peanut Butter Pumper (Original)
Number of recording variations
Beautiful, meditative travels
130 03:08
The fluttering sounds of life
70 02:06
The end is only the beginning
60 01:03
Spacious ostinatos arc skyward
106 00:54
Beauty, serenity and renewal
100 01:01
Submerged in ambient serenity
0 00:35
Free Flight (Original)
Number of recording variations
Fly! A montage of transformation
125 00:59
Breathe in, breathe out
70 00:30
Triplets invoke a sense of calm
80 00:33
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