Adrenaline Addiction

Lace ‘em up. It’s time to rumble. This is a genre fluid mix of tracks that SLAP. Characterized by confidence and a bad-ass drive, this collection displays a variety of styles including rock, electronic, and hip hop.

Top moods

Excited Forceful Rage

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Electronic Rock Hip-Hop/Rap
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Uptown Grail (Piano)
Number of recording variations
Old school hip hop & rock hybrid
160 00:35
Fiery rock track for unstoppable energy
92 00:30
Drum-driven electric frenzy
80 02:30
Electronica's dark voyage
130 02:31
Power surge ignites the inferno
155 02:53
Electro-rock anthem ignites dance floor
125 02:08
3 AM (Extended Remix)
Number of recording variations
Electrifying after-dark beats
123 02:53
Valence (Jennzii Mix)
Number of recording variations
Epic synth dubstep for energized events
150 02:39
Unleash your inner fury
120 02:18
Atmospheric sci-fi sports track
85 00:46
Electrifying build-up leading to peak
84 00:49
Dreamy electronic track for relaxation
120 01:39
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