Retrogame Reimagined

Simple waveforms remind us of simpler times. This collection takes us back to taking turns on the Commodore 64, only we aren't held back by the technical limitations of yesteryear. These classic game sounds, reimagined, represent endless possibilities and adventures in technology.

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Electronic Atmospheric Rock
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Arcadology (Superhero Mix)
Number of recording variations
Retro beats and pixel delights
184 02:54
Sore thumbs and thrown controllers
175 01:19
It's time for an epic adventure!
130 01:08
Show me your best combo
220 00:34
Retro chaos, a technological brawl
120 00:56
Platform No.7 (Fast Cassette Tape)
Number of recording variations
Put on your mustache and jump around
215 01:16
Watch out for blue shells!
160 02:48
At ease doing nothing
92 01:25
Rev up those engines
165 01:59
Time to leave the starting town
120 02:05
Choose your fate Forge your path
90 02:30
Just floating in space without a worry
100 01:56
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