About Better Problems

Premium compositions, supported by AI. Find the perfect music for your project,
and customize it with the help of our world-class experts.
Better Problems is a premium music search for media projects, providing expert insight that instills confidence in your musical choices. Our intelligent search experience, backed by AI and experienced humans, helps you find the perfect track for your project, which you can license, customize or build upon.

The Problem

Music is the most effective and efficient way to make a meaningful difference in the way consumers emotionally perceive a brand, a message or an idea in media production. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of options, and it can be even harder to assess if your music choices add value and connection between brands and their audience.

The Solution

Better Problems is an intelligent search experience, backed by expert industry leaders and deep AI, to help you find and validate the perfect track for your project. Our thoughtful, stylistic & customizable music means you can make better choices and add value to your brand, message and communications.

Bring Your Project to Life

Our global team of experts are here to assess, orient and polish your project. From facilitating your license and providing all audio deliverables to a fully custom package, we’re here to help.
We are always on-hand to support you through our seamless licensing and customization flow. Whether you need support with selecting the right track, a voice over, score to picture of a fully custom arrangement, we’ll be by your side.
Backed by Antfood Music & Sound Design. We create scores, songs, stings and sonics for every media experience imaginable.
Our experienced engineers and creatives can edit, extend and re-score any recording or add sound design, VO and mix to perfect your production. Full support for supervision, composition, curation, sonic strategy and post-production